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Directed by James Franco & Travis Matthews. United States. 2012. 60 min.

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Directed by Jeff Sumner. United States. 2012. 13 min.

A film about a film within a film.

In order to avoid an X rating, 40 minutes of gay S&M footage was rumored to be cut and destroyed from the 1980 film, CRUISING Inspired by the mythology of this controversial film, filmmakers James Franco and Travis Mathews collaborate to imagine their own lost footage.

Amid the backdrop of a frenzied film set, actor Val Lauren reluctantly agrees to take the lead in the film. Val is repeatedly forced to negotiate his boundaries during scenes on and “off camera,” as unsimulated gay sex happens around him. The film itself is constructed as a play with boundaries remaining queer in subject and form. As much a film about filmmaking as it is about an exploration of sexual and creative freedom INTERIOR LEATHER BAR defies easy categorization.

Showing with Dirty Talk

Sin titulso-2

After seeing many films at Outfest (the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival), director Jeff Sumner and co-producer Jason Boegh decided they wanted to create a short film of their own that focused on clever writing and character-driven situations. That evening Jeff went home and wrote the comedic short, DIRTY TALK.

Based on a series of real situations, Jeff created a short sex-comedy about an English teacher named Nathan who's limits are put to the test during a one-night stand with a man who's fetish is saying dirty things in the bedroom. In recounting the story to his friend Zach during dinner, we see his struggle as he tries to accommodate the man's love for off-color names for various parts of his anatomy.

Starring Jeff Sumner, Jason Boegh, Claude Knowlton, and Ralph Cole, Jr.

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