Saturday, June 23  |  7:45pm
Tivoli Cinemas in Westport

Young gay men on the threshold of adulthood. From first crush to first encounters. From one night stands to what happens next. It's all here...including a new film that picks up from where a gay classic left off. This exclusive Saturday night fourplay is our homage to the legendary gay film series, BOYS LIFE, which began in 1994 and became the most popular gay anthology DVD series ever made with its enticing stories of love, lust and liberation.


Spanning across 14 years and capturing two turning points in the lives of Ben and Johnny, THE DARE PROJECT is an enticing two part film about sexual attraction and an enduring connection....that is also a uniquely remarkable feat for the lead actors and director.


In the original, first part of DARE, Ben is 17.  A closeted, outcast teenager who dares to connect with the untouchable Johnny during a champagne-fueled night in a swimming pool. What happens rocked both of their worlds in surprising ways. After this high school encounter they never saw each other again. Until now.


In the new, second part of DARE, 30-something Ben is shocked to run into Johnny totally by chance at a party in the hills of Los Angeles… with a pool. They find their original magnetic connection is still strong, but what can they do about it? Still struggling with his inability to find intimacy, Ben may find the answers to his problem from the most unlikely and most provocative of sources. 

Directed by Adam Salky & Written by David Brind
33 minutes  |  USA   |  2018

After a break up, Jonah struggles to open up to a new relationship with awkward/hilarious/disastrous results. Featuring the charming and talented Ben Baur from last year's festival hit, SOMETHING LIKE SUMMER.

Directed by TJ Marchbank
15 minutes  |  USA   |  2018
Directed by Alden Peters
18 minutes  |  USA  |  2018

Carson, a gay twenty-something looking for love on all the wrong apps. After being shamed by an online hookup for being too "femme", Carson must confront his own notions of masculinity and gender roles within the LGBTQ community. Set in Hell's Kitchen, the center of New York City gay life, Carson embarks on a hilarious journey towards self discovery and acceptance by way of a manic existential crisis. Along with 8 million others.

Directed by Niels Bourgonje
10 minutes  |  NETHERLANDS   |  2018

At a house party fifteen year old Bram is surrounded by friends and draws the attention of many pretty girls. But he has no interest in them. He has fallen hopelessly in love with the pretty boy on the dance floor: seventeen year old Florian.  It is love at first sight. There is only one problem: no one knows that Bram is gay. As the evening progresses and the tension rises between the two boys, Bram realizes that he has to make a choice. When a game of spin the bottle starts, he decides to twist the fate of the evening, and maybe his whole life. 

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