Sunday, June 23 |  1:00pm
Unity Temple on the Plaza

This special Audience Choice Showcase returns for 2019 with six powerful and resonant stories from emerging filmmakers around the world. You're invited to open your mind (and your heart) and help select the winner for Best International Short Film from among these honored finalists.


Every day a teacher witnesses one of his students being attacked by homophobic bullies. Since the teacher himself lives with the fear of becoming the target object of his students, he dares not to stand up for the student.

Directed by Jannik Gensler
9 minutes  |  GERMANY  |  2019

Darío, a 17-year-old boy from Barranquilla, Colombia has a passion for dance. He tries to keep it a secret from his mother, who is afraid that he won´t grow up to be a ”real man." Instead, she forces him to spend the day working in his uncle´s shop. Will he be able to dance in the Carnival parade?

Directed by Manuel Kinzer & Jorge A. Trujillo Gil
15 minutes  |  GERMANY/COLUMBIA  |  2019

While Guillermo tries to fix his romantic life by making a film about it, he will discover another reality through Samir, a Syrian refugee who will make him think that all his issues are superficial.

Directed by Miguel Lafuente
16 minutes  |  SPAIN  |  2019

While stealing, a man encounters two men who have been having sex on the back seat of a car in the parking garage. The thief forces them to give him all the money they have. The boys are also scared of being disgraced in front of neighbors, and they know if they call the police, he will only be sentenced to three months in jail for theft, but they will be sentenced to death by gallows for being gay. They are forced to tolerate all the verbal and physical humiliations by the thief and give him whatever he wants.

Directed by Ahmad Seyfipoor
9 minutes  |  IRAN  |  2019

Laura makes a decision to turn off the Internet and look at the world around her. She soon meets Agatha and they fall in love with each other. Almost like everything was planned to happen.

Directed by Fernanda Reis
23 minutes  |  BRAZIL   |  2019

The drag queens prepare their looks. The DJ tests the sound. Gabriela (27) arrives early at her shift at the Blondie nightclub. What begins as a quiet evening before a night of partying, is suddenly turned around when two gunmen show up at the venue. With a latent fear of a homophobic attack, Gabriela will try to avoid any damage beyond the emotional pain of this night, which makes everyone involved feel completely unsheltered.

Directed by Iñaki Velásquez
23 minutes  |  CHILE   |  2019

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