Sunday, June 25 |  1:00pm
Tivoli Cinemas in Westport

This new Audience Choice Showcase features five powerful and resonant stories from emerging filmmakers around the world. You're invited to open your mind (and your heart) and help select the winner for Best International Short Film from among these honored finalists.


Two souls walk abreast along the road that links a grandmother's birthday with a grandfather's grave. Down the narrow road that forces them to interact, a change takes place as the mother-daughter relationship morphs into a rocky new mother-son tie.


Directed by Patrick Braila
11 minutes  |  ROMANIA   |  2017

First Polish gay short drama. After a few years of their relationship, Eryk leaves Filip and disappears without a trace. Filip is unable to handle the new situation and is convincing himself that the end of the relationship is also the end of his world. He has put aside his life waiting for Eryk to contact him. Filip doesn’t know yet that a new day is going to bring many reflections, changes and ground-breaking decisions. How long are we able to fight for the first love? Does the fight make sense if we feel that everything has burned out? Filip is looking for the answers to these questions while heading in the direction of the new beginning.

Directed by Kamil Krawczycki
30 minutes  |  POLAND   |  2017

A young boy living in an orphanage in Amazon has a hard time being adopted because of several prejudices, which includes the cruel indifference of adoptive parents towards children in his age group. The boy creates situations to draw the attention of adoptive parents, while at the same time creating an imaginary friendship with his only toy, a doll named "Shala."

Directed by João Inácio
11 minutes  |  BRAZIL   |  2017

An anxious young woman must choose between romantic love and the needs of her family. Vascillating 23-year-old Ceci, who reluctantly embarks on a journey to grant her mother’s wish—to find healing for Ceci’s brother suffering with severe mental illness.  After Ceci's brother has a severe psychotic episode, Ceci is hoping to gain peace in the family.  A trip driven by faith, love and desperation complicates as the family's values and identities clash.

Directed by Melissa Perez
20 minutes  |  USA | MEXICO   |  2017

People said he was too radical. Too exaggerated. That he wasn´t open to talking and discussion. What people didn´t know is that he was hungry to live. He only had this one life and he had the right to be happy.  Unfortunately, the hatred he hated so much won. Now, after the death of her best friend, a victim of homophobia, a young girl tries to understand what happened. What could she have done? When will the questioning end? One thought won't leave her:  It could be me; it could be you.

Directed by Felipe Cabral
19 minutes  |  BRAZIL   |  2017