Monday, June 26 |  5:45pm
Tivoli Cinemas in Westport

Following golden gals Agnes & Estelle as they navigate their way through whatever life throws at them. Buckle up and join in on their challenging, irreverent and loving journey with their quirky takes on life, liberty and the pursuit of everything.

Break the Monday doldrums with a happy hour of funny short flicks guaranteed to lift your spirits and brighten your day. The 2017 finalists for Best Comedy Short are served up in this titter-filled, twilight showcase. Get your ballot at the box office along with your ticket. Your rankings will determine this year's winner from among these mirth making nominees.


When Ty accidentally steals the spotlight at his sister's wedding, tensions arise between Ty and his family.

Directed by Tamzin Merchant
15 minutes  |  USA  |  2017

Matt is a closeted serial killer on the hunt for love and acceptance in a pretty messed up world where killing, cannibalism, republicanism and a multitude of inner demons are pretty much accepted and even encouraged, but being gay is still considered kinda lame. Whenever a guy gets too close he...ummm.....well...maybe Adam can change that.

Directed by Jesse Klein
12 minutes  |  USA |  2017

Jean and Jacob decide it's time to make some changes, but Jean and Jacob need to get trashed first. 'Garbage' is about two misguided millennials on the run from themselves; their friendship is strong but their convictions are not. Tired of a life filled with cheap thrills, they set out to find their purpose after one last night of debauchery. Why do today what you can do hungover?

Directed by Taylor Robinson
13 minutes  |  USA  |  2017

Mum's calling, and Lisa isn't pleased. This shocking tragi-comedic stop motion short about a mother's love for her child, and sometimes vice versa.

Directed by Daniel Stern-Altman
5 minutes  |  USA  |  2017

Gay best friends, Tommy and Wesley, unwittingly venture to an intimidating party hosted by the gay elite. Basically it's just 'Mean Girls' except everyone is gay and 40.

Directed by Drew Droege
15 minutes  |  USA |  2017
Directed by Laura Black
11 minutes  |  USA   |  2017

In the middle of a high-stakes interview, rings of ice and carbon form around 29-year-old Johnnie's head, making him resemble the planet Saturn. Later, he gets followed by an old man in a toga (with a fondness for raw meat), coinciding with a string of bad luck. From bombing the interview, to losing his job, to chipping his tooth, Johnnie just can’t catch a break. But when a one-night stand turns into an impromptu info session on the tumultuous astrological phenomenon known as the Saturn Return, Johnnie finally starts to realize what he’s dealing with.


Weird, funny, queer, and casually Magical Realist, SATURN DEVOURS is a short film about growing older and facing your demons.

Directed by Johnnie Walker
14 minutes  |  Canada  |  2017

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