Saturday, June 22 |  5:00pm
Unity Temple on the Plaza

Compelling and revealing stories from near and far delve into nuances of LGBT experiences through memorable and moving performances. The honored finalists for Best Dramatic Short are presented in this twilight showcase. 


After meeting through a personal ad, two men form what they believe will be nothing more than a fantasy-motivated fling—no names, no information. But with so much chemistry, real feelings put a wrench in their plans and a true relationship begins to feel like a possibility, until a confession threatens to pull them apart

Directed by Will Stewart
16 minutes  |  USA   |  2019
Directed by Rolla Selbak
15 minutes  |  USA  |  2018

A rising MMA star hides her refugee status from her small American town, and the world.


Recent L.A. transplants Hank (Jason Stuart) and his husband,Tommy, struggle to save their 15 year marriage by entertaining the idea of an open relationship. While this might be working well for Tommy, Hank struggles to cope with the change as well as the challenges of being old.

Directed by Hongyu Li
17 minutes  |  USA  |  2019
Directed by Cheryl Allison
15 minutes  |  USA   |  2019

After a gay purge, four best friends are surviving by living in fake marriages to each other. They secretly meet once a week to see their true spouse and play a "game" where they reminisce about their former openly gay lives. After three years of weekly gatherings, they must determine if their clandestine meetings are worth risking their lives. In one night, emotions run high, friendships begin to unravel, and everything changes in an instant.

Directed by Sarah Ball
14 minutes  |  USA  |  2019

Ryan wants to tell his son that he’s transgender and not his biological father, but fears it will change their relationship. He imposes a deadline for telling, but it’s easier set than done!

Directed by Lisa Donato
16 minutes  |  USA  |  2019

A trans woman must dress like a boy to say goodbye to her dying grandmother in Texas.

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