TALK BACK -  Saturday, June 23  |  10:30am
Tivoli Cinemas in Westport

Stuart Hinds, the director of the Gay & Lesbian Archives of Mid-America leads a community talkback and discussion following this encore screening of THE ORDINANCE PROJECT.


This powerful, new documentary about the most contest piece of legislation in Kansas City history commemorates the 25th anniversary of this landmark event through the voices and personal stories of those who were there. Step back to the front lines of a life or death struggle within the context of the AIDS epidemic which fanned the flames of homophobia and forced issues of LGBT discrimination to the forefront.

On June 3, 1993, the City Council of Kansas City, Missouri added “sexual orientation” to its civil rights ordinance, capping an epic, three-year civic and political battle. While activists, organizers, politicians, and opponents spent years debating this particular issue, the fight for LGBT civil rights has a much deeper past in Kansas City which continues today. 

Featuring interviews with civic leaders such as Emanuel Cleaver, Katheryn Shields, Joanne Collins, and Dan Cofran as well as community activists Keith Spare, Lea Hopkins, David Weeda, Linda May, Jon Barnett, Steve Pierce, Kay Madden, Mark Manning, Carl Hippensteel, and Jim Hull.

Directed by Austin Williams
100 minutes  |  USA   |  2018