In his most audacious film since his groundbreaking debut O FANTASMA, João Pedro Rodrigues reimagines the myth of Saint Anthony of Padua as a modern-day parable of sexual and spiritual transcendence.


On a bird-watching expedition in the remote wilderness of northern Portugal, Fernando ( the especially gorgeous Paul Hamy) capsizes his canoe and loses his bearings. His ensuing odyssey, both intensely physical and wildly metaphysical, involves sadistic Chinese pilgrims, a deaf-mute shepherd named Jesus, pagan tribes, Amazons on horseback, and a glorious variety of feathered friends.


Shot entirely outdoors and in magnificent ‘Scope by Rui Pocas, THE ORNITHOLOGIST is a bracing exercise in queer spirit, a cheerfully blasphemous tale of a religious awakening.


Sunday, June 25 |  7:00pm
Tivoli Cinemas in Westport
Directed by João Pedro Rodrigues
117 minutes  |  Portugal   |  2016

"The story of a Saint is given a contemporary and highly personal queer makeover in this gorgeously realized film blending the religious, the cinematic and the erotic." - HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

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