Tuesday, June 27 |  5:45pm
Tivoli Cinemas in Westport

In 1951 Violet and Milly make a love promise over a penny. Now, the promise has come due, and Violet must face a heartbreaking reality.

Directed by Dan Pal
10 minutes  |  USA   |  2017

Compelling and revealing stories from near and far delve into nuances of LGBT experiences through memorable and moving performances. The honored finalists for Best Dramatic Short are presented in this twilight showcase. 


A man seeks the numbing comfort of anonymous sex, until a chance encounter which may change his outlook on life. Inspired in part by Andy Warhol's film "Blow Job," this new film (starring Wilson Cruz) brings the arthouse tradition to the gritty streets of contemporary Los Angeles.

Directed by Michael Hyman
18 minutes  |  USA  |  2017

Growing up in 1950s England in an intolerant and uninformed world, young Chris Winters struggles to fit into the gender roles dictated by wider society.  A more than tough childhood left behind, Chris meets dream woman Julie, and life lightens a little, but the growing feeling that theirs is a life half lived haunts Chris. Endlessly imagining what might have been, Chris is finally struck by the realization that for some decisions there is no right answer, and that it's those that truly define us.

Directed by Jake Graf
15 minutes  |  UK  |  2017

Claudia's night out with friends is disrupted by an encounter with the captivating Isabel.

Directed by Florencia Manovil
16 minutes  |  USA  |  2017

A curious gender-fluid child, named Alessandra, embarks on a path of kindness that will forever change the lives of their fellow townspeople in a quaint and picturesque village.

Directed by Joshua M. Ferguson & Florian Halbedl
15 minutes  |  Canada |  2017

A beautifully told story that gently touches on those moments that lead to new awarenesses new and new decisions. 

Directed by Yifan Sun
14 minutes  |  Poland  |  2017

OUT HERE NOW: The Kansas City LGBT Film Festival

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