Tuesday, June 26 |  5:45pm
Tivoli Cinemas in Westport

Compelling and revealing stories from near and far delve into nuances of LGBT experiences through memorable and moving performances. The honored finalists for Best Dramatic Short are presented in this twilight showcase. 


Dylan, Yanis and Hugo’s foster son, passed away a few months ago. The men struggle to understand each other's emotions and dealing with their loss seems impossible.

Directed by Sylvain Coisne
16 minutes  |  FRANCE   |  2018

Gloria prepares a feast of the senses for the rapidly ailing Eva in an attempt to share a perfect evening and be seen for the woman she truly is. Writer-director Rick Hamilton's newest film is a bittersweet story of fine wine, dementia and the immortal words of Virginia Woolf.

Directed by Rick Hamilton
14 minutes  |  USA  |  2018
Directed by Reinout Hellenthal
18minutes  |  NETHERLANDS |  2017

Alex, a troubled and isolated teenager, finds a true and supportive friend in Hendrik, his sister's boyfriend. When Hendrik and Annelies announce their plans to leave the family home, Alex must face what is troubling him.


In the days following Pearl Harbor, a young man must decide whether to serve overseas or stay in New York with his streetwise male lover

Directed by Katie Enns & Gary Jaffe
15 minutes  |  USA   |  2017

Recently, Tristan and his husband had a little girl together. But when he arrives to the nursery, Tristan realizes that not everyone sees his paternity the way he does.

Directed by Sonam Larcin & Gaspard Granier
11 minutes  |  BELGIUM   |  2017

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